John Goodell is an avian ecologist with over 25 years' experience conducting raptor, landbird, and waterbird monitoring and management throughout the Western U.S.


John provides proven expertise in project management with a keen understanding of all avian survey methods including; aerial raptor nest surveys, eagle surveys, rapture capture techniques, passerine mist-netting and banding, points counts, line transects, distance sampling and more. He also has authored many avian conservation plans, impact assessments, and science reviews. John's experience as a natural history curator and interpreter has provided a unique ability to effectively communicate complex ecological information to varying audiences through writing, oral presentation, and other media. 


Prior Positions: Donald M. Kerr Curator of Natural History at the High Desert Museum; Wildlife Biologist at the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, Non-game Avian Program

John is the current Vice President and past Board member of the Oregon Chapter of the Wildlife Society.

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